Lake Highlands High School

Dallas, Texas

Class of 1965 (1964 and 1966)


John and Holly Sullivan

Gordon and Sylvia Edwards

??,Sandra (Laurini) Burdine, Kathy (Cowan) Finn

??,Sandra (Laurini) Burdine, Kathy (Cowan) Finn

Frank and Melissa Keathley

Paula (Ulrich) Means

John Sullivan and Glena (Egan) McDonald

Holly Sullivan

Steve Dudley and Christine Kampreth

Sandra (Laurini) Burdine, Sheila (Giffhorn) Anderson, Tom Anderson

Carolyn (Payne) Matthews and Suze (Engledow) Lanier-Bramlett

Steve Dudley and Suze (Engledow) Lanier-Bramlett

Eddie Matthews, Carolyn (Payne) Matthews

Sandra (Laurini) Burdine,Eddie Matthews, Suze (Engledow) Lanier-Bramlett, Carolyn (Payne) Matthews

Christine Kampreth and Brian Surratt

Jim Reynolds

Darryl Williams, Penny Russell, Jody Williams

Jody Williams, Roach Corcoran

Bob Wyckoff

Janis (Steineger) Turnage

Ruth (Wooldridge) Caire, Kathy (Cowan) Finn