Lake Highlands High School

Dallas, Texas

Class of 1965 (1964 and 1966)


Created by Katey, Administered by Katey, Taken by Katey

Mr. and Ms. 50th Reunion - Jim Reynolds and Carolyn Matthews

Best dancer - Steve Dudley and Sandy Laurini

Still crazy after all these years - Steve Hawkins and Susie Engledow

Most Changed - Lee Mashburn and Penny Russell (from quiet to talkative!)

Most Unchanged in personality - Joe Hodge and Marilyn Phillips

Still the ones - Steve and Beverly

Most Scholarly - Jody Williams and Glena Egan

Nicest - Terry Gragg and Susan Weible

Most Helpful - Steve Scobee and Sarah Scott

Most Fun to get to know that I didn't know in HS - Cliff Wright and Christine Kamprath

Had the MOST Fun - Brian Surratt and Katey McKellar