Lake Highlands High School

Dallas, Texas

Class of 1965 (1964 and 1966)

2014 Reunion - Individual Pictures

Photos courtesy of Elliot Archilla

Janice(Behrends) Miller and Spouse


Steve Martin and Spouse


Patti (Peterson) and Keith Lindloff


Keith and Janet Garrison


Jim Dilday and Spouse


Gayle (Gartrell) and Casey Orr


Mary Ann (Bowen) and Kenneth Billups


Elliot and Judy Archilla




Ronny Williamson


Jeff Slotter


Pame (Bargiames) and Roy Gene Evans


Bill Coke


Glenda (Merriman) and Jimmy Stewart


Sharron (Davis) Schumann?


Jody Williams


Gorgene (Lavo) and Joe Giddens


Frances (Davenport) Pitchford


Karen (Woodard) Burr


Ronnee (Sherman) and Bob Murday


Carolyn (Mosely) and Jim Reeves


Beverly (Dunn) and Steve Phillips


Diane (Moore) Grandey


Chuck and Suzette Carona


David and Marsha Surles


John "Roach" Corcoran


John "Bink" Reeves


Donna (Lennox) Payton


Jacky and Marty Russell


Bill and Cheryl Bryan


Sherry (Grant) and James C. Harvey


Sue Stallings


Sue (McCaffree) Passmore


Jo Ann Landers


Jo Ann Landers, LaQuita (Noble) McMillan, Sue (McCaffree) Passmore


LaQuita (Noble) McMillan


Tom and Ada Whitman


Brian Surratt


Jerry and Sharon Ashby


Barbara (Bledsoe) and Jim Word


Jack Jones


Bill Webb


Andy and Nancy Anderson


George and Patty Hatt


Robbie Pigg


Rob Hale


Carla (Grubenman) and Bruce Littlejohn


Stan Moore and Spouse


Bill Hammon


Pam (Wofford) and Don Herrmann


Lynda Cleveland


?, Pame (Bargiames) Evans, Lynda Cleveland,?, Sherry (Grant) Harvey,?,?,?

Pam (Wofford) Herrman, ?,?,?

?, Frances (Davenport) Pitchford, Sharron (Davis) Schumann, ?


??, Pame (Bargiames) Evans, Pam (Wofford) Herrmann, Sherry (Grant) Harvey, Frances (Davenport) Pitchford


Group Pic - need names


David Surles and Jim Dilday




Teachers plus Elliot


Group Pic (Teachers then and Future?)